Your guide to the 2020 Idaho legislative session

Your guide to the 2020 Idaho legislative session with MaCay Frerichs and Miranda Marquit.

Here’s what we need to watch out for.

1. Fiscal policy: After giving a revenue-busting tax cut to Idaho’s wealthiest, our “representatives” are wringing their hands over costs and proposing cuts to agencies. That means even less money for organizations that ordinary Idahoans like you rely on every day.

2. Gerrymandering: As we head into redistricting, our “leaders” look ready to resurrect a bad bill from last session. This bill is aimed at getting rid of the independent commission and replacing it with those who would like to choose their voters, rather than letting their voters choose them. Side note: They might try to change how we do municipal elections.

3. Ballot initiatives: Once again, the state legislature looks ready to try and force Idaho citizens to bend the knee in retaliation for passing Medicaid Expansion. Our initiative process is challenging enough, there’s no reason to make it even harder. What are our “leaders” afraid of?

4. Education: Governor Little cites education as a top priority, but will the legislature do anything about it? They’re so busy gaslighting voters over costs that we’re not sure whether we’ll be able to adequately address teacher pay and other needs.

5. Prison overcrowding: The governor mentioned prison issues, but it’s up to the legislature to address the problem. Get rid of mandatory minimums – and consider improving education, since that’s been shown to reduce crime.

6. Want to be involved? Come to a central committee meeting. The next meeting is January 21 at 7 pm at the Idaho Falls Public Library. Also, let us know if you want to run for office. We need good people like you!

7. Stay tuned for more details about the hybrid primary/caucus. The presidential primary will be on March 10 and the caucus will be on April 4.